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Amazon Web Services AWS Training

The competition in Cloud Computing started heating up when Amazon Web Services started offering Cloud Computing solutions. The advantage to Cloud Computing services is that a business does not need to spend a lot of capital on building up infrastructure. They could use AWS, which only added a low variable cost to the business. What made it even more attractive was that it could be rapidly scaled up, to meet the computing needs of a business.

In addition to the above, due to heavy competition, prices dropped like a stone and it was survival of the fittest. Amazon, being a very well run company, has been doing very well in this field. The advantages of Amazon Web Service are:

  • Low cost for AWS. Ideal for all types of businesses
  • Highly flexible and rapidly scalable services
  • Built in agility and elasticity allows start-ups to avail instant services
  • Highly secure environment
  • Offers a wide variety of IT solutions such as:
  • Application hosting – on demand infrastructure to handle your applications & SaaS
  • Websites – dynamic web hosting needs readily available and it can be scaled up on demand
  • Back-up & Storage – Data can be easily backed-up and stored at a low cost
  • Enterprise IT – AWS can be used to host internal and external facing IT application in a secure environment
  • Content transfer - content can be transferred to any part of the world at very high speeds
  • Databases – has a lot of database solutions available in AWS

Since Amazon Web Services (AWS) is advanced technology at its best, getting training in AWS is a sensible career option. Our Academy Learncloud, has a well earned reputation for providing Amazon Web Services (AWS) training in Chennai. You too can be a part of the technology that helps thousands of businesses, both big and small, which get access to on-demand computing resources, without having to spend a fortune on creating the necessary infrastructure.

Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) training course has been scientifically designed so that a student undergoing training achieves a very high standard of proficiency working on an AWS platform. The trainers are well experienced in Industry and have hands-on practical exposure to Infrastructure as a Service [IaaS] using the AWS platform. The course will train you in all aspects of AWS, including how to design cloud based scalable application designs.

Once you have undergone our rigorous AWS training, it will help you understand the immense potential and power of this technology. At the end of the course you will be conversant in AWS storage, computing service and networking. You will have a good practical knowledge backed by sound theoretical inputs. AWS, being a very low cost solution to computing needs, has thousands of job opportunities available in major industries. It is up to you to take advantage of the opportunity by joining our Academy for AWS training. Don’t let the opportunity slip away.

We also help our students get placement with some of the leading industries. In case you have doubts, please feel free to contact us at: or drop a line at: +919840098230. We are waiting to hear from you.

Do I get a Certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate from us on completing the course and after passing a test on topics covered.

Do I get a change to perform hands-on with high end servers?

Yes, our lab is equipped with state of art servers suitable to implement a private cloud for learning purpose.

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