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Artificial Intelligence Training

The latest buzzword in the field of technology is Artificial Intelligence or AI. So what is artificial intelligence? It can be defined as creating a computer system which thinks and acts like human beings. These intelligent machines can be used for a wide array of applications and with each passing day, more and more areas are being covered. Some of the common applications of artificial intelligence are:

Speech and Voice Recognition:

Though both these words are at times used interchangeably, there are differences. Some of the differences are:

  • In speech recognition artificial intelligence detects ‘What’ is being said whereas in Voice Recognition artificial intelligence detects ‘Who’ is speaking.
  • Speech Recognition finds use in hands free computing and navigation and Voice Recognition deals with analyzing the voice for its tone, pitch and accent etc.
  • In Speech Recognition, the machine does not need any training since it is only detects what is being said rather than who is saying it. In Voice Recognition, the system will need training so as to identify the person saying it.
  • Speech Recognition systems are more difficult to develop compared to Voice Recognition systems.

Machine Learning:

Another important aspect of Artificial Intelligence is Machine Learning. It has evolved from its humble beginnings to become sophisticated and having a momentum of its own. It had its roots in pattern recognition and a theory which postulated that computers could learn without being programmed for specific tasks. It was found that machine learning used its iterative aspect to adapt and learn from new data. The machine analyzed past computations to formulate reliable, repetitive decisions and results.

Currently Machine Learning can apply complex mathematical calculations repeatedly to big data and it can be repeated again and again with increasing speed. This aspect opens up a host of new possibilities in practical applications of everyday life.

Some of the learning applications which have created a difference are:

  • One of the core examples of machine learning is the self driving cars, which are becoming more sophisticated and intelligent
  • Online business can analyze customer preferences and offer the Customer choices he is interested in
  • A business can keep a tab of what customers are saying about the business, by using a combination of Machine Learning and linguistic rule creation
  • It can be used for fraud detection and it is one of the most useful aspects of Machine Intelligence. The machine can detect any transaction which is out of ordinary of the usual activity of a customer and can halt the transaction till verification is done.

Advantages of Logstash:

Developers of artificial intelligence aim to create technology which will enable computers/machines to function intelligently. They take the entire problem of stimulating intelligence and then break it down into smaller sub-problems. Generally the sub-problems will consist of particular capabilities or traits which are expected of an intelligent system.

Artificial intelligence is being applied to newer fields constantly. In the world of finance, traders used to buy and sell stock on the exchange. Now, artificial intelligence has created programmes which will analyze stocks/shares and make recommendations with up to 95% accuracy, whereas Humans could achieve a success rate of about 50 to 60% only. By using artificial intelligence, corporations have increased their profits manifold.

Artificial Intelligence is the hottest field in the computer world these days. A lucrative and exciting career awaits those who opt for artificial intelligence training in Chennai. You will become qualified in a field where job opportunities are growing exponentially. With each passing day, artificial intelligence touches more and more of our lives in a multitude of fields.

Our artificial intelligence training course in Chennai is a scientifically designed course. You will be given step by step training, in both theory and practical’s, by experienced and highly qualified staff. We ensure that each of our students are mentored and monitored by our staff to ensure they get a thorough grounding in the topic. We have instituted a flexible timing schedule so as to suit the needs of most students. The fees are moderate for such an in depth course. To join an artificial intelligence training course in Chennai, do not hesitate, please feel free to contact us now at By joining our artificial intelligence training in Chennai, you are gifting yourself a successful career path.

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