Cloud Computing Training

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Cloud Computing Training

Defines Cloud Computing and establishes a strong working skill and knowledge of the concepts and technologies needed to work effectively with the cloud. The knowledge you gain will enable you to determine whether the cloud is appropriate for your organization from a business and technical perspective, to select appropriate cloud providers etc.

What kind of background do I need ?

A working knowledge of Internet, browsers, MS Windows and Web applications is helpful but not required. Programming experience is also helpful but not required. If you do not possess knowledge of Linux we teach you that too.

I am from non-technical background. What benefit I do get from the Cloud computing course?

Yes! The course presents the business advantages of the cloud and also the technical benefits it can provide. The technical discussions are at a level that attendees with a business background can understand and apply. Where technical knowledge is required, sufficient guidance for all backgrounds is provided to enable activities to be completed and the learning objectives achieved.

Can I appear for a certification after completing this course?

Yes, you can appear for Cloud Essentials Certification Exams with some hard work and self preparation.

Do I get a Certificate after completing the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate from us on completing the course and after passing a test on topics covered.

Do I get a change to perform hands-on with high end servers?

Yes, our lab is equipped with state of art servers suitable to implement a private cloud for learning purpose.

New batch schedule for this week

Cloud computing: Saturday:18.02.17: 11 am

DevOps: Saturday:18.02.17: 11 am