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NoSQL Training

With the origin of web2.0 companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, a novel method for the storage and retrieval of data was compiled. This method was a changeover from the old method of tabular relations for storage and retrieval of data, used in relational databases. The novel method used in NoSQL, which is increasingly used in real time web applications. NoSQL uses data structures which are capable of completing the operations faster and are more flexible than other rational databases.

We are proud in offering the best NoSQL training courses in Chennai. The best way to inculcate knowledge is by learning the concepts from the best institute and practicing the same as much as possible. We are one of the best institutes for providing training in NoSQL training courses in Chennai. We guarantee the best concept learning guidance along with practical sessions to install an in-depth knowledge.

Excel at MongoDB:

MongoDB is one of the DB types in NoSQL which retrieves data based on the key value pair from a collection of documents. We are one of the top institutes to provide NoSQL training courses in Chennai are exposing real offers on the training on MongoDB. We lend a helping hand to the aspirants of MongoDB through a course of classes and practical sessions where in you can hone your skills from being a beginner to an advanced candidate. Our team has excellent corporate experience and they will help in getting certification on MongoDB.

Firsthand training on Cassandra:

Cassandra forms a distributed DB used mainly for large data across servers. Cassandra came to purpose after the large scale businesses needed more of real time large data storage. We offer the best Cassandra training which comes under NoSQL training courses in Chennai. We offer choices between beginner and advanced training courses. With a reasonable fee, you can get firsthand hands on training on Cassandra from our expert trainers. Reap your benefits of your money by acquiring certificates and experience through a simple course with us.

Transcend at Neo4j:

We provide excellent NoSQL training courses in Chennai, Where we teach the trending DB technology- Neo4j. It is the most popular graphical DB management where every data is stored on an edge, a node, or an attribute. You can now receive the certificate for this course by participating in our training program and receiving the practical and theoretical command on Neo4j. With a reasonable fee and acceptable course duration, you can now bag the value for your money without much hassle.

Advantages of Logstash:

This is a versatile tool for log data intake, processing and output. It can handle system logs, error logs, app logs, web server logs etc. with ease.

Advantages of Logstash:

  • Logstash for Normalizing Data – Normalizing can be done rapidly by using Logstash. Then by using Elasticsearch to process the data inputs, it can be rapidly visualized using Kibana. Logstash allows storage of logs in a central location, making it more efficient.
  • Logstash with Elasticsearch and Kibana – In combination as an ELK Stash, Elasticsearch can be used for backend data storage. Kibana will serve as the frontend dashboard. Logstash will look after storage, query and analysis of all the logs.

Master at Redis:

Redis is another open source database whose application is based on key-value searches. Unlike MongoDB, Redis can accept the key in a wide range of formats. Moreover, the operation can be directly executed on the server and reduces manual work load. It is often used for cache management and to speed up web applications. We are popularly recognized as one of the best institutes to provide the NoSQL training course in Chennai and hence provide excellent training on Redis training course. With a nominal fee, you can receive training in both the levels of beginners and advanced. After the successful completion of the course, every candidate is entitled to receive the certificate for the same. With our first class innovative learning methods, your search for the best Redis training ends with us.

Reasons to opt us for NoSQL training in Chennai:

  • We provide NoSQL Training courses in Chennai on all the important trends in Database management by providing dual educative lines which are theory based classes and practical hands on training in real time industry projects.
  • With a certified completion of the courses provided by NoSQL training courses in Chennai, we also offer supreme placement assistance to every candidate, thereby fulfilling their aspirations.

An ELK Stack can be used to handle logs that are inconsistent and inaccessible. Some data may be difficult to access, but it can be done by using the ELK Stack. Even other challenges such as logs being disparate can be handled relatively easily.

With leverage on selecting the level of the platform and customizing your learning areas, we satisfy the needs of both fresh candidates and professionally experienced candidates to choose from Beginner level course or advanced level course.

We provide a training method which is top notch guaranteed by our team of trainers who are well equipped with rich corporate experience to ensure that all the candidates are trained to utmost perfection. This training will help them in the future to tackle the puzzles and problems with proficiency.

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