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ServiceNow Training

The ServiceNow platform is an on demand, IT service management solution and it is based in the cloud. ServiceNow basically automates enterprise IT operations. It creates a single point system of record covering all IT based operations within a business. IT strategy, IT design plus transition and operation can be coalesced into a simple cloud based platform called ServiceNow.

What are the advantages of ServiceNow Platform?

When automation is introduced, the human error factor is eliminated and this means there will be accurate, reliable data across the enterprise. By using the ServiceNow platform this can be translated into a reality.

Once it is implemented in a correct way and staff has been trained to fully understand how it works, it makes the entire business very holistic across its entire spectrum, which will translate into higher growth and cost efficiency. A business will understand about ITSM and its branches such as HR, Marketing, Legal plus all streams of the business, by putting them on the same page, rather than function semi-independently. This means the entire business can be put by the cloud based ServiceNow onto a workflow which enables tracking on crucial aspects such as:

  • The staff and services that are managed by the business
  • Overall view of all processes that have been completed
  • Time taken to handle each process or operation

The ServiceNow platform gives management a deep insight into all processes and infrastructure by using a single system of record for IT. The management can view each interaction by a user and measure the service satisfaction levels of customers. Since ServiceNow will provide an automated workflow process, it allows each department of the business to be a service provider and to be in synch with its business and IT strategy.

Since the applications and back-end systems throughout the enterprise is highly visible, management will receive real time, actionable information and process flow, which covers the entire business. ServiceNow could be labeled as a platform that provides a structured process where everything is offered as a service. The focus now shifts from ITSM to service management as an enterprise discipline.

One of the major benefits of ServiceNow is that it effortlessly integrates older, established systems with ERP/CRM systems. This helps management to exercise greater control and visibility during the development phase of any new business in the following way:

  • The synchronization of information across apps and data sources, based on site and in the cloud, will be seamless
  • All arms of the business, whether new or running legacy systems can be monitored, since data collection and analysis is possible using ServiceNow.
  • Reduces infrastructure and maintenance cost
  • It enhances productivity without additional cost, leading to larger profit margins.
  • In built ability to invest in trending applications and systems. Therefore, continuous upgrades of apps and systems are possible without disruption.

This platform, by virtue of its automation, eliminates dependence on manual, redundant tasks. It enhances feedback of efficiency of IT services in providing quality of products and services to customers. This leads to greater customer satisfaction. New and latest applications can be introduced relatively easily, which will help the business develop and grow to match market dynamics.

ServiceNow Training in Chennai

With ServiceNow becoming increasingly popular, job prospects in this line are very bright. A good career in ServiceNow Certification Training in Chennai with good prospects for growth is assured. For that you should get the best available ServiceNow training in Chennai. Our Institute, JPA Solutions, have specifically designed programs to enhance your skill levels. When you train with us, you will become a certified profession who has the skills to manage a ServiceNow operation, application processes and system management.

Our training program will equip you with the following skills:

  • Performing and managing core configuration tasks
  • Skill to work with UI policies, UI actions, data policies, client scripts and business rules
  • Manage CMDB, data with tables, import and update sets
  • Knowledge of key process apps such as Knowledge Base and ServiceNow service catalog
  • Creating workflow activity and endorsements
  • Configuring alerts and generating reports
  • How to view upgrade history
  • Create and manage baseline concert metrics
  • Assimilate prevailing best practices
  • How to run reports, SLA’s etc.

The above are a few of the aspects of ServiceNow you will be trained in. We have a flexible time table which is suited for almost everyone. You can contact us at and get your career off to a flying start.

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