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In today’s fast paced world, app development has grown at an explosive rate. There are multiple carriers, devices and software in cutthroat competition for market share. This has created a huge opportunity, for mobile app developers and IT businesses, to seek a share in the mobile revolution. This multiplicity of platforms makes one spoilt for choice and when made, it should be made carefully.

Since there are multiple platforms to operating from, it makes sense to have an app which can work across multiple platforms. This obviates the necessity of have to write codes separately for each platform. Therefore, Xamarin has a huge head start, since the app can operate across multiple platforms, which translate in to time and cost savings.

Advantages of Xamarin

  • Native User Interface:
  • The preference of most users tends towards local designs. By using Xamarin Studio [IDE], since it enables a developer to use C# for coding, it gives the advantage of native user interface. It will give the developer access to native app performance and makes for simplified coding across multiple platforms.

  • App Logic can be shared:
  • Because the app code can be used across multiple platforms, it is a versatile, easy to use app development tool. The app logic used for the UI layer consisting of input validation, web service calls, back-end enterprise integration, database interactions etc. are all coded with C#.

  • Integration of API:
  • Xamarin is a versatile tool which allows developers to combine API’s and UI controls which are used to develop iOS, Mac and Android applications using languages such as Swift, Objective-C and Java. As soon as Xamarin is introduced into a devise OS, it provides support for new features.

  • Xamarin uses C#:
  • Xamarin uses C# which is a sophisticated, easy to use, general purpose, type safe programming language and is used mainly for Windows platform. It is a more developed version of C++. Since even basic data can be treated as objects, it has added advantages. Due to its type-safe feature, type errors can be prevented, without having to use boilerplate or verbose type annotations for code correction.

  • Xamarin uses RMAD or Rapid Mobile App Development
  • The use of RMAD is one of the best advantages of Xamarin. Since businesses prefer cross platform development, as it helps app development with cost benefits, Xamarin is the perfect choice. Xamarin gives exceptional user experience along with 100% common code usage across platforms.

    Since Xamarin has many advantages compared to other tools, it is a must use choice for businesses, to enable their apps to be used across multiple platforms seamlessly. In a short span of time, Xamarin has become very popular in the industry.

Is being a Xamarin Software Engineer a good career choice?

Software developers, as a rule, are some of the most employable group of Engineers. Their skills are wanted in a wide array of fields. So why learn Xamarin? The software industry is one in which change is rapid and constant. Since Xamarin permits working across multiple platforms, gaining knowledge in Xamarin, makes a Software Engineer, employable by a vast number of different businesses. Getting a good job with knowledge of Xamarin is very easy.

However, sound knowledge in Xamarin is needed. Our Institute JPA Solutions, has vast experience in the field of IT training. Our backbone is a pool of talented, well experienced staff, who have lots of exposure to the latest trends in Industry. They have put together a course for Xamarin training in Chennai, which will enable students to acquire knowledge in a step by step, logical way. Our Xamarin training in Chennai course has been well received by the industry. Students, who have taken Xamarin training in Chennai, have literally walked in to good jobs in the industry.

Our staff interacts and mentor students individually, so as to ensure all students taking Xamarin training in Chennai get the maximum benefit from the course. If you have any doubts or queries about the Xamarin training in Chennai, please feel free to get in touch with us at info@jpasolutions.in or call +91 9840098230. We will be glad to answer your queries regarding the Xamarin training in Chennai. You can be assured that by taking the Xamarin training in Chennai, you have made a wise career choice.

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